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Weather in Holland

Posted by on March 7, 2014

Weather in Holland is very unpredictable because of the marine climate. Usually winter in Holland is not extremely cold and summer in Holland is not very hot, but there always are exceptions. Summer in Holland is in June, July and August and has an average temperature of 18 degrees. But every year there are a couple of weeks with temperatures between 25 and 35 degrees. Winter in Holland is in December, January and February and has an average temperature of 3 degrees, although there always are a couple of weeks with temperatures below zero and snow. The weather also depends in which part of Holland you are. Holland is not a very large country, but there can be big differences between the north, south and coastal areas.

weather in holland

A typical Dutch sky near windmills in Zevenhuizen

Many tourists wonder which is the best time to visit Holland. The best time to visit Holland depends on which things you want to do:

  • Flowers and tulips are very famous and many tourists that visit Holland want to visit the Keukenhof. Keukenhof only is open from mid March until mid May. The best time to visit Keukenhof during these weeks with the chance for good weather is late April or in May. May also has the most hours of sun. Visiting Holland late April and early May also has as advantage that you can join the King’s Day celebrations (April 27th) and Liberation Day (May 5th).
  • For tourists who visit Holland for sunny weather, do activities like water sports and stay along the Dutch coast, it is best to visit Holland in summer. Summer is in June, July and August. July has the highest temperatures and almost the most hours of sun. Best time would be late July or early August, but keep in mind that the Dutch also have holiday that moment, so places like beaches can be crowded. If you want to avoid that then visit Holland late June, early July or late August.
  • Tourists who want to skate on ice have to be lucky. In Holland skating on ice usually only is possible a couple of weeks a year. Sometimes there is snow and ice in December, but you have a better chance to skate on ice in January or early February. If you are unlucky then you still can visit an ice-skating-rink. You can find ice-skating-rinks in cities like Heerenveen, The Hague, Utrecht, Breda and Dordrecht.
winter landscape

A sunny day in winter, Holland

Weather in Holland is unpredictable, so there always is a chance that you will have some rain during your stay. Do not forget to bring an umbrella or poncho. Of course there also are nice indoor activities and museums to visit. I would advice to keep your schedule flexible. Enjoy sunny days outdoors and rainy days in museums. Click here to see the Holland weather forecast for the coming days and also the weather for activities. Or use one of the links below for weather in cities in Holland:


holland temperatures

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