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How to get in Kinderdijk by public transport?

Posted by on February 5, 2014

The windmills of Kinderdijk are one of the most popular tourist attractions in Holland. Besides that a must to visit for any tourist who is interested in the Dutch culture or history. The problem is that Kinderdijk is just a small village. There is public transport, but many tourists who don’t have a car find it too complex to go to Kinderdijk by public transport. Because of that they book an organized tour, but the disadvantage of an organized tour is that the time to visit the attraction is limited and it’s more expensive. But going to Kinderdijk by public transport isn’t so difficult as it looks like. Below the easiest ways how to get in Kinderdijk.

windmills in kinderdijk

The famous windmills in Kinderdijk. One of the most popular tourist attractions of Holland.

Holland has a extensive railway network with intercity-, express- and local trains. All trains run regularly from approximately 6am until midnight. So if you want to visit Kinderdijk by public transport then first take the train to Rotterdam Lombardijen or Dordrecht.

  • Walk from train station Rotterdam Lombardijen to the bus station and take bus 90 to Utrecht. After 35 minutes you are at the stop Molenkade, which is opposite the entrance of the site with windmills in Kinderdijk.
  • Walk from train station Dordrecht to the bus station and take bus 18 to Kinderdijk. This bus also stops at Molenkade in Kinderdijk.

The new system in Holland for paying for public transport is the OV-chipkaart. This card can be bought for €7,50 at train stations and some shops and you have to load it with at least €20 to be able to check in on trains. Nonetheless for tourists who don’t use public transport frequently it usually is cheaper to buy paper tickets (single-use chipcard) for the trains. The paper tickets cost €1 more than the regular fare, but it still is cheaper than buying the OV-chipkaart and loading it with at least €20. In the bus it is advised to use the OV-chipkaart which is much more cheaper.

ov chipkaart

With the OV-chipkaart you pay for using public transport

Although it is an organized tour the most interesting way to get in Kinderdijk is by boat. Daily from March to October (except Mondays) and from October to March on Sundays it is possible to get in Kinderdijk with Rebus. Their boat departs from Boompjes in the center of Rotterdam twice a day. First you see the skyline of Rotterdam and some impressive bridges. After that visiting Kinderdijk. In Kinderdijk you have one hour for sightseeing before the boat goes back to Rotterdam. The excursion takes 4 hours. Of course the boat excursion is more expensive than public transport, but the trip itself is much more interesting than traveling by train and bus to Kinderdijk.

A useful website for planning your trip by public transport in Holland is posted in the links right under ‘Kinderdijk links’. Here you also can see the price of your trip by public transport.

For anyone who wants to visit Kinderdijk by car: take exit 22 at A15 and follow the special windmill signs. Parking on site is €5,- for cars.


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  1. Joyce

    This is excellent information. Thank you very much. I now feel much more confident about going to Kinderdijk by myself using public transportation!!

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