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Jet lag prevention

Posted by on March 10, 2014

A couple of years ago I found an interesting website about jet lag prevention. At that moment I booked a flight to Singapore with a layover in Dubai. Because I felt broken the years before after flights from Curacao and Bangkok to Amsterdam I decided to search on internet to reduce the symptoms of a jet lag or try to prevent from getting a jet lag. was the website I found and where I made a schedule.

Making a jet lag prevention schedule starts with answering questions about your flight. What are the cities of departure and arrival? And at which time do you depart and arrive? Other questions are at what time you usually eat and go to bed. Do you drink caffeinated beverages and are you able to adapt your sleep schedule before departure? With answering these questions you get a jet lag prevention plan that you also can send to your email and by that easily can check on your mobile phone.

The jet lag tips depend on your flight times and destination, but in general the schedule starts some days before departure. For every day a time to wake up and time to go to bed is advised. Furthermore what kind of meals you should eat. Light breakfast, heavy dinner, snacks or some cups of coffee. The jet lag prevention plan doesn’t end after the flight. You have to continue for one or two days. Again advises for your sleeping schedule and meals. But also a little bit of activity like jogging or getting enough sun light.

emirates boeing 777

Boeing 777-300ER at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

If you follow the jet lag prevention scheme you should be able to reduce the influences of a jet lag and get over the jet lag in about two days. Of course an interesting experiment and I tried it when I flew to Singapore. At least I was able to sleep some hours from Dubai to Singapore, so I felt fine when I arrived at Changi Airport. I have to be honest that I didn’t follow the complete scheme after I arrived in Singapore. This was mainly about the meals. Despite this I only felt tired the first days and it seemed to work. For my flight back to Holland I also intended to follow the scheme, but finally didn’t do so much effort. I don’t know if it was because of that or flying to the west, but I came tired at home and had a jet lag for several days. I’m still not sure if the jet lag prevention scheme helps, but at least it’s interesting and worthwhile to try. Coming month with my flights to Costa Rica I will try it again.


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