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Curacao nightlife

Posted by on December 17, 2013

Curacao nightlife was an interesting experience. The place to be is different every evening. For instance Mambo Beach is the place to be on Saturday evening, but if you go there on Friday night then there barely are guests because they are at the nearby Cabana Beach which is the place to be. And on Sunday there is a beach party at Wet ‘n Wild. If you want to know where you have to be for Curacao nightlife on which evening or where you can find happy hours and entertainment, then get a free Kpasa. Kpasa is a flyer about Curacao nightlife and is available in most Curacao hotels and on internet.


Firework at Mambo Beach

But nightlife isn’t only about parties in bars and clubs. It starts with a drink late afternoon. There are many bars that have happy hours. We went to Old Dutch in Willemstad twice. This pub also is a good place if you want to watch sports on television. Our favorite spot was Hemingway Bar that belongs to Lions Dive Resort where we stayed. This bar is located at the beach and had happy hours every day between 5 and 6pm. For us the perfect place to go after a day of sightseeing and relaxing on the beach. Enjoying a beer or cocktail and seeing the beautiful sunset. This is the good life of Curacao!


Enjoying sunset with a beer at Hemingway Bar

For dining I can recommend several places. We had delicious spare ribs at Rib Factory, which is located at the east side of Willemstad. Further we had perfect ostrich steak at Nemo Restaurant which is located at Lions Dive Resort. Other good restaurants are De Kleine Wereld at Spaanse Water where you have a great view over the water. And Dokterstuin near Barber is a place I can recommend. Landhuis Dokterstuin (Komedor Krioyo) is a restaurant that serves traditional food from Curacao like karko/conch.


View over Spaanse Water from restaurant De Kleine Wereld


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