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Sweden from south to north

Posted by on February 23, 2014

We left Copenhagen and took the Oresund Bridge to Sweden. We decided to drive long distances daily and with that we would have more time for leisure and sightseeing in Norway. So unfortunately on our first day in Sweden we didn’t had time to visit Malmo.

While going from south to north Sweden we quickly could see the landscape changing. Denmark mostly is agricultural and the southern part of Sweden too. But north of Helsingborg we already drove through the forests.

We ended our first day in Gränna at a campsite along Lake Vattern. Gränna is known for its red and white candy sticks. Polkagris in Swedish. We visited some shops and of course bought some of these candies. Furthermore Gränna is a nice town with wooden houses at the foot of a mountain. The rest of the day we used for swimming in Lake Vattern. And sunset in the evening was amazing!

granna polkagris

Gränna, located along Lake Vattern and known for it’s candy sticks

lake vattern sunset

Sunset at Lake Vattern, with the island Visingsö in the far distance

The day after we drove northwards to Stockholm, capital city of Sweden. First we drove to Motala, which also is located along Lake Vattern. In Motala we visited Göta Canal with the lock staircase of five locks, also known as Borenshult. Of course we also visited Stockholm. A report can be red on the next page.

motala staircase locks

The staircase locks of Motala in Göta Canal

Near Gävle we visited the fishing village Bönan. Bönan was exactly how I imagined a Swedish village. Red painted wooden houses with white window frames. Boat houses along the water and a rocky coast covered with trees. In a shop we bought some fresh- and smoked salmon. Really delicious!

bonan sweden fishing village

Bönan was one of the villages that we visited while driving from south to north Sweden. Nice fishing village!

Going from south to north the temperatures dropped quickly, certainly north of Stockholm. In Gränna temperature almost was 30 degrees, but in North Sweden near the Finnish border only 15 degrees. Besides that it was cloudy and we had some rain daily. Despite this we enjoyed our time, also with fishing in the evening. And with coming closer to the North Cape we also had more day light daily. Dusk started around 10 or 11pm.

Another place we visited in Sweden was Stornorrforsen, which is near Umea. We visited Stornorrforsen to see the dam and fish ladder. Unfortunately we couldn’t see the salmon jumping in the fish ladder, but in the water it was possible to see the salmon swim. Employees explained how the fish ladder works and they also chipped and weight some of the salmons.

stornorrfors dam, south to north Sweden

The Stornorrfors dam


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