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Storm at North Cape

Posted by on February 23, 2014

Day 11 and only 240 kilometers to go to North Cape. We expected to arrive before noon and spend the whole day in Honningsvag and at the North Cape. But after 100 kilometers it started to get windy. While driving along Porsangen fjord we start to have problems with driving with cross wind. Finally it became too dangerous to continue and we had to park the motorhomes on a parking lot near Sortvik.

norwegian coast village

Some of the few houses along Porsangen fjord

We were not the only tourists who were surprised by the storm and who parked on the parking lot. In just little time the parking lot was full with motorhomes and caravans. Meanwhile the strong wind became a heavy storm. Some people who came back from North Cape told us that some accidents happened with caravans who were blown from the roads. And on the parking lot a heavy container flipped over.

storm at north cape

We waited for hours on the parking lot during the heavy storm

We already thought about spending the night at the parking lot, but then around 10pm weather became a bit calmer. After almost 12 hours waiting at the parking lot we could continue our trip to the North Cape. Finally arriving at North Cape around 11.30pm. There only were few people.

northcape island

Landscape of northern Norway near Honningsvag

Of course we took photos of the world globe. And it was special to have daylight around midnight. Weather was still very cloudy, so we couldn’t see the midnight sun. But luckily there was a gap in the clouds and by that we at least saw some sun rays that created a red sky.

midnight sun north cape

The famous world globe at North Cape. In the background some sun rays through the clouds

north cape

After a long tour we reached the North Cape

We parked the motorhomes with the front towards the wind and went to bed. Soon we again had storm at North Cape.


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