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Norwegian coast

Posted by on February 23, 2014

The heavy storm near the North Cape made us decide not to go to the Lofoten. A pity because we had seen many photos about the beautiful landscape, but it was safer to go through Finland and Sweden to Narvik. From there we could continue our trip along the Norwegian coast.

sami culture

Sami with deer near Honningsvag

There were many road construction works between Enontekio and Kiruna, so travelling went slow. Furthermore the landscape wasn’t very spectacular until we reached Abisko National Park. The view over the lake with the snow on the mountains in the far distance was nice. We planned to stay on a campsite in Abisko, but unfortunately we couldn’t find the campsite. Finally we stayed at a parking lot near a restaurant along the road. First time that we didn’t stay on a campsite.

abisko national park

View over Abisko National Park

The days after we found our way southwards along the Norwegian coast. Mainly driving over E6. Despite that this is the main road from south to north Norway, it sometimes is interrupted by water which has to be crossed by ferry.

Crossing the Arctic Circle in Norway isn’t commercial as in Finland near Rovaniemi. Not a complete village with many souvenir shops. But only one building, the Polarsirkelsenteret, a row of sculptures and a hill with many towers made of rocks. A nice place to make a short stop.

arctic circle norway

Polarsirkelsenteret along E6 in Norway

The landscape along the Norwegian coast is rough. Mainly mountains with fjords. The views over the water are great, despite that we mostly had cloudy and rainy weather. Furthermore rocky areas with forests.

norwegian coast fauske

View over Skjerstadfjorden near Fauske

Near Grong we visited Namsen Laksakvarium. Here also was a fish ladder, just like we saw in Sweden near Stornorrfors. Also fishing is very popular in this area and we saw several people catching salmon.

norway river grong

The river near Namsen Laksakvarium where many fishermen try to catch salmon

From Trondheim on we drove southwards to Lillehammer. Unfortunately our time was too limited to go to the western part of Norway. We knew that we could see there the most beautiful part of the Norwegian coast with fjords like Geiranger and Hardangerfjord. But we would visit that when we return to Norway the years after.


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