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1994 Winter Olympics facilities

Posted by on February 23, 2014

From Trondheim on we followed E6 southwards in the direction of Lillehammer. Making our first stop in Kongsvoll where we visited a small pilgrimage. Kongsvoll Fjellstue consists of a collection of red and white painted buildings. Furthermore there is a mountain botanic garden. The botanic garden is nice to walk around and from there you have a good view over Kongsvoll Fjellstue and environment.

kongsvoll fjellstue

View from the botanic garden over Kongsvoll Fjellstue and environment

At the end of the day we reached Lillehammer. We used the evening to walk around in town.

lillehammer norway

View over Lillehammer and the river

The day after we visited the ski jumping hill. We took the stair with more than 950 steps, but this climb was worth it, because from the top we had a great view over Lillehammer and environment. Meanwhile skiers practised on the ski jumping hill. There wasn’t snow, but the hill was covered with plastic grass.

ski jump lillehammer

The ski jumping hills in Lillehammer from the 1994 Winter Olympics

1994 winter olympics

The Olympic Flame in Lillehammer

After visiting Lillehammer we visited Hamar, which is only 60km away. Hamar also has major 1994 Winter Olympics facilities. In Hamar we went to the Olympic Amphitheatre and Vikingskipet. In the Olympic Amphitheatre we saw a practice for ice hockey. And also in the Viking Ship Olympic Arena we saw ice skaters practicing their sports. Furthermore the Viking Ship is an impressive building. From a tower near the parking you can have a view on top of the building and then it’s clear why this ice skating hall is called Viking Ship.

hamar viking ship

Hamar Viking Ship Olympic Arena next to the lake

vikingskipet hamar

The impressive wooden structure of ice skating rink Viking Ship


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