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Casa Luna Cooking School

Posted by on January 21, 2014

Sightseeing is a nice activity in Bali, but there are other nice activities to do in Bali. An important part of the Balinese culture is traditional Balinese food, so we did a cooking lesson at Casa Luna Cooking School in Ubud. Early in the morning we went to Ubud to learn the cooking techniques and secrets of Balinese food.

casa luna cooking school

The Cooking School of Casa Luna

Casa Luna was established in 1992 and besides the Cooking School there is a restaurant, Bar Luna and the Honeymoon Guesthouses with facilities. The cooking lesson is given by Janet DeNeefe, who teaches Balinese cooking since 1987, and her team.

The Balinese food that we prepared on this Monday morning was:

  • Spiced Fish in Banana Leaves
  • Fish Curry
  • Spinach in Tomato-Chilli Sambal
  • Carrot and Cucumber Salad
  • Fresh Sambal
  • Black Rice Pudding

The cooking lesson at Casa Luna started with an introduction with information about the ingredients that are used in Balinese food. I was familiar with ingredients like ketumbar, sereh and ginger, but apparently there is much more. The ingredients were mashed into several curries and pastes that in general were spicy. Meanwhile also hibiscus tea was prepared, which works very refreshing in the hot climate of Bali.

balinese food ingredients

Some of the ingredients for the dishes that we prepared

During the morning we prepared the dishes that I mentioned above, and of course we finally ate them as lunch. We like the Balinese food, despite that some of the dishes are very spicy. Most importantly we enjoyed the cooking lesson very much, it was the best activity that we did at Bali! After the cooking lesson we were allowed to take the booklet with recipes, so that we can prepare the dishes at home.

cooking lesson bali

Preparing the pastes and curries


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