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Italy on a budget

Posted by on February 14, 2014

Italy on a budget, then of course something needs to be written about the budget that I had for my trip.

The cities I wanted to visit were Florence, Siena and Pisa. Actually Bologna wasn’t on my list, but on internet I discovered that the cheapest flight to Tuscany or environment was a flight from Dusseldorf Airport Weeze to Bologna. Of course Dusseldorf is further away then Amsterdam, Rotterdam or Eindhoven, so I had to drive to there. But still it was worth it and much cheaper. I found the cheap flight at

dusseldorf airport weeze

Planes of Ryanair at Dusseldorf Airport Weeze

Furthermore I booked train tickets for the high speed Frecciarossa train online. These were tickets between Bologna and Florence. The other train trips were with regional trains and I bought these tickets in vending machines at train stations.


Flight Dusseldorf Airport Weeze – Bologna with Ryanair€34,99 including taxes
Fiera Hotel, Bologna€35,-, including breakfast
Train ticket Bologna Centrale – Firenze S.M. Novella€9,-
B&B Di Piazza Del Duomo, Florence€42,- including breakfast
Train ticket Firenze S.M. Novella – Siena€7,70
Hotel Minerva, Siena€51,- including breakfast
Train ticket Siena – Pisa Centrale€8,90
Hotel Soggiorno Athena, Pisa€55,50 including breakfast
Train ticket Pisa Centrale – Bologna Centrale€7,10
Hotel Imperial, Bologna€35,- including breakfast
Flight Bologna – Dusseldorf Airport Weeze with Ryanair€34,99 including taxes
Parking at Dusseldorf Airport Weeze€42,50
Admission fees€48,-
Budget for lunch and dinners€30,- a day


Of course I had some other expenses like bus tickets and souvenirs. Finally I spend €595,- during my six days in Italy. If really necessary I could have saved more on dinners, but I also wanted to enjoy Italian cuisine, so I ate in restaurants every evening. Furthermore I could have stayed in hotels outside city centers. I only did this in Bologna, but with doing that in the other cities too, I could have spend less money. Despite that I spend less then €100,- a day for transportation, accommodations and other expenses. So personally I think my Italy on a budget trip was a success.


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