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Campsites in Scandinavia (2001)

Posted by on February 23, 2014

At home we already made our itinerary for our North Cape tour, so we already knew near which places we had to search for campsites in Scandinavia. At home we bought the ANWB camping guide and made a choice, but didn’t book any of the campsites yet. When we arrived most of the campsites where available. Only in Stockholm and Gothenburg we struggled to find a campsite, but finally found one. Certainly in North Scandinavia the campsites aren’t crowded. Sometimes we even were the only people who stayed on the campsite. Most of those campsites are small and have few facilities, this because they mainly are used by tourists who travel around and only stay a night. By that they only need some basic facilities like electricity and sanitary. Only at North Cape and near Riksgränsen it happened we couldn’t find a suitable campsite and had to stay on a parking lot. Actually this wasn’t a problem for just a night, because electricity was available and not having a shower wasn’t a problem for a day. Below a list with campsites in Scandinavia where we stayed.


    • Arøsund – Arøsund Camping – Gammelbrovej 75
    • What we liked at this camping where the spacious places. There is enough space for children to play and a small swimming pool. Furthermore the beach is nearby, but a pity that there were many small jellyfishes. Sanitary was a bit dark and outdated. Nonetheless a fine campsite to stay for a night.


    • Ishøj – Ishøj Strand Camping - Ishøj Strandvej 13
    • This campsite is located next to some soccer fields. Children who attended the soccer tournament stayed in accommodation on the campsite, but didn’t cause nuisance. Ishøj Strand Camping has some facilities near the entrance like a small shop. Sanitary was modern. A campsite that was fine for some nights and at a good location for visiting Copenhagen.
ishoj strand camping

The motorhomes and tents at Ishøj Strand Camping


    • Gränna – Grännastrandens Camping - Amiralsvägen
    • Grännastrandens Camping has a perfect location! Overlooking Lake Vattern and near the village of Gränna. There is a small beach and it was safe to swim. The campsite was a bit crowded, but despite that sanitary was pretty clean.


    • Sollentuna – Rösjöbadens Camping – Rösjötorp 1
    • It was tough to find an available campsite  near Stockholm. Finally we drove to Sollentuna and found a spot on Rösjöbadens Camping. The campsite is located in the forest and along the lake. We had a great place that overlooked the camping and which was near the sanitary facilities. A small beach, good opportunities for fishing and freshly baked breads in the morning. Great camping site!


    • Herrskog – Storsjö Camping & Trädgård - As 301
    • This was a small campsite on a hill. The camping doesn’t have many facilities, but you have a great view over the nearby like. There it also is possible to go fishing. Sanitary facilities were small.
storsjo camping herrskog

View from Storsjö Camping and Trädgård over the lake near Herrskog


    • Norrfjärden – Camping – Mjoövägen
    • This campsite is located on a peninsula. The 8 kilometer long road to the campsite was full of gaps, but the campsite was fine. Clean sanitary and a nice place with view over the sea.


    • Korvala – Korvalan Kestikievari - Sodankylänti 5901
    • In the northern part of Scandinavia you can’t be picky with choosing a campsite. Korvalan Kestikievari was the only campsite we could find in the area. The hostess was very friendly and welcoming. We had a wonderful view over the lake and a spacious place. We rented a canoe, but were unlucky with fishing probably because of not having the good equipment. Unfortunately sanitary was very dark and outdated, but it was a nice campsite for a night.
campsites in scandinavia

Korvalan Kestikievari, a nice small campsite along the lake


    • Skoganvarre – Skoganvarre Villmark – Turistsenteret
    • Just like north of Rovaniemi we also couldn’t be picky in this area of Norway. We almost had the complete campsite for ourselves. The motorhomes where parked on a large field along the lake, which was a windy location. Sanitary was small, but clean. In the evening we rented a small shed where we could make a campfire.
skoganvarre villmark

Shop and entrance of Skoganvarre Villmark campsite


    • North Cape – Parking lot
    • Due to the heavy storm we had we couldn’t do anything else than stay the night on the parking lot of Nordkapphallen. We used the sanitary of Nordkapphallen which was clean.


    • Kautokeino – Arctic Hotel & Kautokeino Camping - Suomaluodda
    • This small campsite is located south of the village Kautokeino along the main road. It’s a campsite where you can use sanitary of Arctic Hotel. It’s fine for a night, but I won’t stay there again.


    • Riksgränsen – Parking lot
    • Unfortunately we couldn’t find the campsite of Abisko, so we continued our trip until we reached this parking from a restaurant. The parking lot is located along road E10 and has a giant troll. The parking wasn’t very clean, but we could use electricity and sanitary in the restaurant. This was fine for us, but next time we would drive further to be able to stay on a real campsite.


    • Fauske – Lundhøgda Camping - Lund
    • After our stay on the parking we longed to a decent camping, which we found in Fauske on a peninsula. The rainy weather made the field muddy, but we at least had clean sanitary.


    • Kvannli – Kvannli Gård – Ovre Fiplingvatnet
    • This place was the one of the most special places where we stayed in Scandinavia. Actually it’s a farm with field, 7 kilometer from E6. A bit hard to find and a road with gaps, but a great place to stay! A nice place along the lake and spacious luxurious sanitary with whirlpool. If you like fishing and rest, then this is a great place!
kvannli gard

One of the most special campsites in Scandinavia where we stayed. We were the only guests at Kvannli Gård. Maximum privacy along the lake.


    • Heimdal – Camping Sandmoen – Sandmovegen
    • Rainy weather already for days and that also made the field of this camping very muddy. Nonetheless a fine camping with clean sanitary and a nice view over the fjord.


    • Lillehammer – Lillehammer Camping - Dampsagveien 47
    • A nice camping on walking distance from Lillehammer center and located along the water. We had a good place with nice view over the water, although the places weren’t very large. There were enough sanitary facilities and it was clean too.


    • Tangen - Tangenodden Camping - Tangenvegen 54
    • A camping along the water. Sanitary was a bit small, but further a fine camping for a night. Despite that I would look for another camping next time.
tangenodden camping

Tangenodden camping


  • Vassbotten – Bullarebygdens Camping – Vassbotten 11
  • We enjoyed our stay on this camping. The camping is situated near the Norwegian border in the forest and next to the water. Great opportunities for fishing! Sanitary was clean, only the places on the camping a bit small and by that not much privacy.


  • Gothenburg – Lisebergs Camping – Brudaremossen 20
  • This camping is situated east of Gothenburg. The camping looked like a horse track and sanitary was small, just like the places. The reason we stayed on this camping was that we had to be early on the Stena Line ferry to Frederikshavn. Honestly I would go to another camping next time.


  • Thisted – Thisted Camping – Iversensvej 3
  • There weren’t many guests at this camping, despite that it was summer. By that we had enough privacy and a whole field for ourselves, with a nice view over the water. The camping has a playground and small swimming pool. A large sanitary building, although that looked a bit outdated.


  • Jelling – Fårup Sø Camping – Fårupvej 58
  • This also was a camping where we had a good time. We had places near the lake, where we also tried to catch some fish. The camping has playgrounds and a swimming pool. Unfortunately the water in the swimming pool was very cold, but the sanitary building was modern and very spacious.


  • Wietzendorf – Südsee Camp – Südsee-Camp 1
  • The camping where we spend the last days of our tour was Südsee Camp in Wietzendorf. This was by far the most luxurious camping where we stayed. A lake with beach, indoor pool complex and restaurants. Only some of the sanitary buildings were a bit outdated.


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