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North Cape tour

In 2001 we rented a motorhome and made a tour through Scandinavia with the North Cape as destination. We did this together with our neighbors. On our way to the North Cape we mainly drove through Sweden and Finland. On our way back mainly along the coast of Norway. It was a 7400 kilometer tour in 3,5 weeks, but through wonderful sceneries.

denmark vikings


sweden abisko


arctic circle

north cape tour

norwegian coast

winter olympics 1994

oslo gothenburg

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North Cape tour

  • Day 1 to Arøsund (697km)
  • Day 2 Arøsund – Holkenhavn – Trelleborg – Copenhagen (273km)
  • Day 3 Copenhagen
  • Day 4 Copenhagen – Gränna (381km)
  • Day 5 Gränna – Motala – Stockholm (337km)
  • Day 6 Stockholm
  • Day 7 Stockholm – Bönan – Kramfors (489km)
  • Day 8 Kramfors – Stornorrforsen – Pitea (392km)
  • Day 9 Pitea – Kalix – Rovaniemi – Arctic Circle – Korvala (349km)
  • Day 10 Korvala – Inari – Karasjok – Skoganvarre (405km)
  • Day 11 Skoganvarre – North Cape (243km)
  • Day 12 North Cape – Honningsvag – Alta – Kautokeino (365km)
  • Day 13 Kautokeino – Enontekio – Kiruna – Abisko (418km)
  • Day 14 Abisko – Narvik – Fauske (336km)
  • Day 15 Fauske – Arctic Circle – Kvannli (357km)
  • Day 16 Kvannli – Grong – Trondheim (323km)
  • Day 17 Trondheim – Kongsvoll – Hjerkinn – Lillehammer (321km)
  • Day 18 Lillehammer – Hamar (60km)
  • Day 19 Hamar – Oslo – Halden (233km)
  • Day 20 Halden – Gothenburg (183km)
  • Day 21 Gothenburg – Thisted (239km)
  • Day 22 Thisted – Billund (170km)
  • Day 23 Legoland
  • Day 24 Billund – Lüneburger Heide (362km)
  • Day 25 Lüneburger Heide
  • Day 26 to home (464km)



North Cape tour top 10

  • 1. North Cape
  • 2. Copenhagen
  • 3. Stockholm
  • 4. Oslo
  • 5. Gothenburg
  • 6. Lillehammer
  • 7. Legoland, Billund
  • 8. Vikingeborgen, Trelleborg
  • 9. Sapmi Park Karasjok
  • 10. Arctic Circle in Finland
northernmost point north cape norway

North Cape, Norway. Unofficially seen as the northernmost point of Europe.



In 3,5 weeks we drove about 7400km. A long trip, so we almost daily had to drive hundreds of kilometers. Despite this we enjoyed our time in the motorhome and saw a lot of Scandinavia. Great cities like Copenhagen and Stockholm that we certainly will visit again in the future! Different landscapes like the hills with farming land in Denmark, the forests in Sweden and Finland and the wonderful coast of Norway with fjords. Furthermore nice attractions like Legoland and Sapmi Park. And of course special places like the Arctic Circle and North Cape, unofficially seen as the northernmost point of Europe.

Also camping and staying on campsites was new for us. Of course you have less privacy then when you rent a private home, but we had cozy times at the campsites. We stayed at basic campsites, but also on luxury campsites. Read here on which campsites we stayed in Scandinavia.

Furthermore we had great weather with at least 25 degrees and sunny weather until Stockholm in the first week. At the end a lot of rain, mainly along the coast in Norway. A pity, but you know that that can happen in coastal areas. Nonetheless a wonderful tour through countries that we definitely will visit again!


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2 Responses to North Cape tour

  1. Rutika


    We are 2 of us who are visiting Gothenburg from 13 to 17 th may 2015, in between we would also like to visit North Cape and do little sightseeing on our way to North cape.

    Can you please help us in booking the tour from Gothenburg to North cape, we wish to do this tour with a group if you have one.
    Please let us know the charges for the same in euros per person.
    If you have any other itinerary please let us know about that too.

    Warm regards,

    • Rob

      Hello Rutika,

      Thank you for your mail!I’m not a tour agency, but just someone who likes to travel with friends or family. So I can’t book tours for groups, but perhaps I can help you with your itinerary. Can you tell me how many days you plan to stay in Sweden? And are you thinking about renting a car or traveling around by bus/public transport?

      Best regards,

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