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Italy by train

Travel itinerary from a short trip through Italy by train. I made this journey early August 2012. That summer my girlfriend couldn’t join me, but I wanted to make a trip in my summer break. I choose to make a short budget trip alone. My destination was Tuscany because I always wanted to visit Florence and heard good stories about Siena. Besides that weather is great! Much better than rainy Holland.





italy budget


Italy by train schedule

  • Day 1 To Bologna
  • Day 2 Bologna to Florence (±30min by train)
  • Day 3 Florence to Siena (±1hr 30min by train)
  • Day 4 Siena to Pisa (±1hr 45min by train)
  • Day 5 Pisa to Bologna (±2hr by train)
  • Day 6 Back to home


Getting there

Logically you take a flight to Florence airport when you visit Tuscany. But I was on a budget trip, so on internet I searched for cheap return flights on sites like and I didn’t only look for departures from Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Eindhoven, but also from Belgium and Germany. The cheapest return ticket I could find was with Ryanair from Dusseldorf Weeze Airport to Bologna Airport which only was 75 euro. Bologna to Florence is only half an hour by train. I didn’t have much luggage, only a backpack. By that no additional costs and I booked the flight.

Other ‘homework’ I did for my Italy by train trip was some research to train tickets. Most of my train trips were with regional trains. But from Bologna to Florence I could get tickets with discount for the high speed Frecciarossa train. So I bought these tickets online and reserved a seat. Tickets for the regional trains can be bought in vending machines at train stations.


Top 10 of ‘Italy by train’


Cathedral and Campanile of Florence



This was the first time that I travelled by train through a country. Travelling by train through Italy is very convenient. Most of the trains are modern, have air conditioning and enough space for your luggage. Trains were in time, I only had one delayed train from Siena to Pisa. This Italy by train trip was only six days, but it felt longer. So many new impressions! In only few days I had seen the main attractions from four cities, ate delicious food and enjoyed nightlife. The cities I liked most are Florence and Siena. Wonderful cathedrals and cosy small medieval streets with restaurants and bars. I decided not to visit museums because art doesn’t interest me so much. By that it was possible to see each city in one day. A full day in Pisa perhaps was too long. Personally I think Pisa is a bit overrated. The Piazza del Duomo area looks beautiful, but further the city does not have many places of interest that are worthwhile to visit. Visiting Bologna was nice and one day was just enough. Florence and Siena are places that I wish to visit again in the future.







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  2. Evelyn Adan

    Traveling Italy by train means you can get everywhere, from the ancient relics of Pompeii to the spectacular Tuscan coastline. Discover the many treasures of Rome and Florence, go shopping in Milan and explore the canals of Venice by gondola. With a Eurail Pass and comfortable Italian trains, the entire country is within your reach.

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