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Costa Rica wildlife

Posted by on July 23, 2014

A travel report about Costa Rica isn’t complete without writing and posting some photos about wildlife or the animals we have seen. When we booked the tour we knew about the beautiful animals that live in Costa Rica and of course we wanted to see them. That was the reason why we included the rain forest in the tour.

Surprisingly we barely saw animals in the cloud forest of Monteverde. This probably because it was a rainy day. The only animals we saw in Monteverde cloud forest were black yellow colored millipedes, some birds and monkeys. But luckily we saw more animals in the garden of Hotel Fonda Vela in Monteverde. The animals we saw were small scorpions, a giant grasshopper, a milk snake, capybara, coati, squirrels and of course many birds.


A millipede in Monteverde cloud forest

The same happened in El Arenal / La Fortuna. During the volcano hike we only saw some large ants and a coati. But in the garden of hotel Lomas del Volcan humming birds, toucans, a huge toad, monkeys and a great curassow. It’s wonderful to see these animals nearby.

costa rica toucan

A toucan in the garden of Hotel Lomas del Volcan

costa rica hummingbird

Hummingbird in the garden of Hotel Lomas del Volcan

costa rica wildlife

A coati seen during the volcano hike

We know that Tortuguero is known for turtles, but nesting season is from July through October, so because of that we didn’t visit Tortuguero National Park.

Animals that we have seen near the Caribbean coast in Cahuita and Puerto Viejo were geckos, crab, butterflies, one blue poison dart frog, large nephilidae spiders and many howler monkeys. The monkeys even woke us up in Cahuita around 6am.

howler monkey cahuita

Costa Rica wildlife: a monkey in Cahuita National Park

Only a couple of photos are shown above, but traveling to Costa Rica to see wildlife is definitely worth it!

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