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Colonial Quarter, Singapore

Posted by on December 11, 2013

Colonial Quarter is located east of Singapore River and has some of the oldest buildings and parks of Singapore. I arrived at MRT City Hall and walked along Padang to Singapore River. The building that directly attracted my attention was Marina Bay Sands that I could see above the trees. It was like a kind of space ship hanging above the city. A special view.


Marina Bay Sands Skypark hanging above Singapore

Located near Singapore River are the City Hall, Supreme Court, Old Parliament House, Victoria Theatre, Asian Civilisations Museum and statue of Raffles. Most of those buildings were built in colonial style. Despite that most of them aren’t accessible, it still is worthwhile to walk around in this part of the Colonial Quarter. From the statue I had a nice view to Boat Quay with the historical Chinese warehouses and skyscrapers behind it.


Chinese shophouses in front of the skyscrapers

Continuing my trip I arrived at the corner of Hill Street and River Valley Road. There you see an interesting building with coloured louvers. Behind this building you can enter the oldest part of the city, Fort Canning Park. Artists work in the old military offices and the park is used for concerts. Furthermore Fort Canning Park is a nice place to relax or enjoy lunch.


Fort Canning Park, the oldest place of the city of Singapore

Located next to Fort Canning Park is the National Museum of Singapore. This museum is the largest in Singapore and tells the history of Singapore. Unfortunately my time was too limited to visit the National Museum.

The last two interesting places in the Colonial Quarter I mention are Raffles Hotel and Chijmes. Raffles Hotel is the most famous hotel of Singapore and was opened by Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles in 1899. The hotel has several restaurants, bars and boutiques. A legend is that the last tiger of Singapore was shot dead in Raffles hotel after it intruded in the hotel.

Chijmes is nice to visit in the evening or night. Chijmes is a renovated historic building complex with chapel in Gothic-style. Now it has restaurants, shops and a hall that is used for musicals, weddings and performances.

Colonial Quarter Singapore

The Chapel of Chijmes with restaurants around it


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